Our Services

Technology Development, Integration and Delivery

Element delivers:

  • Fully integrated marketing and sales data management environments
  • Database/data warehouse development, management and hosting
  • Marketing and sales systems integration
  • E-commerce development, configuration, and hosting
  • Salesforce.com configuration & implementation
  • Custom SaaS application & software development
  • Corporate and branded websites, mini-sites and e-commerce sites
  • Online forms and landing pages
  • Customer preference centers
  • Batch and triggered email deployment
We are technology gurus
Many organizations limp along with underdeveloped and disparate sales and marketing technology infrastructure or try to solve the technology puzzle with one large, complex and expensive technology implementation that is designed to deliver “everything” (whatever that means).

We view things differently. While customer relationship management isn’t all about technology, technology does play a pivotal role in enabling the strategies and actions that drive many of the foundational aspects of successful customer relationship management. From data integration and acquisition to campaign automation and program execution, technology is a conduit for maximizing budget resources and allowing marketers to deliver engaging and valuable customer experiences efficiently.

To do this, however, requires a fully-integrated approach and leveraging a wide variety of technology platforms and services – not just one. At Element, we don’t lead with technology; we leverage technology. Our deep experience allows us to combine technology platforms, services and software that best fit an organization. We help our customers to understand alternatives and choose the solution that best meets their requirements, their budgets and their objectives.

If you’re standing on the precipice and ready to make the leap on a one-size-fits-all technology solution for customer relationship management, then it’s time to take a deep breath and call Element. We can help you define your technology strategy, develop a plan and provide ongoing support services as your customer relationship management capability grows.

Contact Element today to see how our technology services can help you grow your business.