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Data Strategy, Acquisition, Integration and Management

Element advances:

  • Data strategy, planning and development
  • Data acquisition and append services
  • Data hygiene, standardization, match and consolidation
  • Market and geographical data overlays
  • Data value enhancement and optimization
  • Disparate data source integration
  • Data capture program design, development and implementation
  • Campaign response data integration
We know data like no one else
Data is the fuel of the customer relationship management engine. Starting off on a long trip without the resources to ensure that you’re able to keep your tank full can make that journey very challenging. Developing a data strategy is a vital step in building your customer relationship management capability. You must inventory and evaluate the existing internal and external data sources that are relevant to your initiative. Some will be obvious and others will be completely hidden from view while some may not even exist today.

Using Element’s proven approach to data strategy and assessment, you’ll be able to make informed decisions as you define the types of data that are relevant and add the most value. What’s more, you’ll have experts by your side that know how best to integrate, capture, acquire, and materialize data from throughout your enterprise and beyond.

Once you have developed a strategy for identifying, acquiring, and maintaining data that drives value for your marketing initiatives, you must develop a plan that addresses data hygiene, standardization, match, collapse, integration, maintenance, conflict resolution, and optimization. Dirty fuel will reduce your MPG and eventually put strain on your customer relationship management engine. Having a partner like Element who understands the stark differences between operationally-optimized and marketing-optimized data is vital to filtering out problems and keeping things running smoothly.

It’s no mistake that we call ourselves The Data Agency. We understand and leverage data in ways most organizations only dream about. We are experts at helping companies find, and build, value in data assets so they may grow their capability to create insights, deliver more effective marketing campaigns and develop longer lasting, high-value customer relationships.

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