We help businesses
develop, manage & grow
customer relationships
Brand, product & price are all important, but Relationships Make The Difference.
We Understand Your World
Customer relationships are often the critical difference between success and failure for businesses – especially for companies that have inherent complexities:

  • multi-level distribution
  • intricate sales channels
  • reliance on professional endorsement
  • expensive product offerings that require education as a part of the sales process

For B2B companies, there are fewer customers and losing just one could cost thousands of dollars. The sales cycle is multistage and long. Customers and influencers need to be educated because decisions are evaluated, rational and business-based.

We Put The Customer First
Customer acquisition, retention and growth drive revenue and profitability for manufacturers. For this reason we believe that everything in your organization — marketing, sales and service — should begin and end with the customer in mind.

If you accept that premise, then you can also more clearly see and understand why ignoring or mismanaging your customer relationships poses a significant risk to your business.  In today’s environment, where customers are precious and the competition for their business is fierce, a customer relationship management capability is no longer a luxury — it’s a requirement.

We Build Your Customer Relationship Competency
Manufacturers often struggle with customer relationship management – not as a strategy, but as a core competency and a capability. Most are disproportionately focused on brand level marketing activities and rely too heavily on distribution partners.

The reality is that your distribution partners barely have enough time to focus on your brand and  products.  They’re representing hundreds of other companies and thousands of other products.  If they can hardly focus on your products, then they certainly can’t (and don’t) spend time developing, managing and growing customer relationships on your behalf. They build customer relationships for themselves, not for you!

Don’t make the mistake of assuming someone else is managing your customers like you would. Mitigate the risk of losing customers, create a competitive advantage and grow your business by acknowledging that relationships matter. Partner with Element and commit to the development of an integrated, customer-centric, data-driven marketing initiative.