Our Services

Insights & Analytics

Element analyzes:

  • Target audience research
  • Customer segmentation
  • Pre & post campaign performance
  • Campaign ROI & payback
  • Sales summary & detail
  • Up-sell / cross-sell
  • Market penetration
  • Customer LTV
  • Demographics / firmographics
  • Website traffic and utilization trends
  • E-mail click through
  • KPI reporting & analysis
We THRIVE on insights
As with most customer relationship management and data-driven marketing components, insight development and analysis is heavily reliant on relevant, clean and organized data. Element helps organizations to proactively address insight development, reporting and analytics in the early stages of marketing and sales campaign planning to ensure that the required data is captured, integrated and available for use.
We offer a wide variety insight development, reporting and analysis services to help our clients learn more about their customers and to better understand how their customer relationship management and data-driven marketing efforts are performing over time.
Contact Element today to see how our insights & analytics can help you grow your business.